Troughed sheet façade – when should you choose it?

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We usually think of troughed sheet as a roofing material. However, it is worth remembering that this material can be used in different ways. In this article, we will tell you why it is worth considering using troughed sheet as the façade of a building. We will describe the most important advantages of this material and advise you on how to avoid mistakes when installing the product.

Advantages of the façade sheet

Troughed sheet metal owes its popularity mainly to its low price, high durability, and easy installation. These features made the troughed sheet an extremely popular roofing material. It is for these reasons that it is also more and more often used as a façade material.

Elewacja  blachy trapezowej

Which troughed sheet profile should be used for a façade?

As we have already mentioned, there are different types of troughed sheets. The application of the product depends on its profile, i.e. the height of the trapezoid-shaped embossing. Low-profile metal sheets (most often T-7, T-8), which can also be used to finish the soffit of industrial buildings, are used for façades.

What buildings should a sheet metal façade be used for?

Initially, this material was used for the façades of industrial halls and warehouses. You have probably seen such projects many times. This solution is also worth considering if you want to neatly finish a garage or utility room without spending a lot of money.

For several years, troughed sheet has been successfully used on the façades of single-family houses. Some of you are probably wondering whether the product is only suitable for modern buildings, or whether it is also worth taking it into account when designing a traditional single-family house. This is complicated question, but we will try to answer it. It all depends on the owner’s ideas and taste. If you choose the right colour of the troughed sheet, you’ll achieve an interesting effect both in the case of simple single-family houses and modern buildings. Customers usually choose dark shades (graphite, anthracite). Using sheet metal on the façades of buildings with complex shapes is not recommended. This material is simple, even austere, which is why it is perfect for buildings with a simple (rectangular) shape. If you plan to make a façade of an existing building of sheet metal and you are unsure as to what material to use, it is worth consulting an architect or a person with experience in designing and executing such works.

In taller buildings (e.g. blocks of flats, public utility buildings), designers often use metal sheets only on parts of the façade. As a result, the body of the building has a certain “lightness” and looks elongated.


Hala z blachy trapezowej

Sheet metal façade in a wooden house

Owners of wooden houses often wonder whether the troughed sheet will be the right choice as a façade material. There are no reasons why it should not be used in these buildings. However, remember not to place the material on the existing clapboards, as this will lead to wood rotting. Users who decide to use façade sheets should remove the existing clapboards and use mineral wool insulation.

Another interesting solution is the use of a wood-like clapboard. Then, the user has a durable façade that resembles wooden clapboard (photo below).


Elewacja z blachy trapezowej T-7

We would also like to debunk a myth regarding the heating up of troughed sheets on summer days. It is not true that a house with a troughed sheet façade gets very hot in the summer. The wool constitutes a barrier that prevents the whole building from heating up.

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