Metal roofing tiles

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Tailored steel tiles are one of the most popular solutions in roofing sector. The process of sheet metal cutting is fully automated. It enables to adjust the size of the sheet metal to the most complex roof construction. An equally important feature of a tile is its lightness. It’s extremely important from the economical point of view, choosing such solution we do not burden construction of the roof and house excessively, which lowers the cost.

Currently the quality of galvanized sheet-metal products is extremely high. We stock up on feedstock in the best and most modern steel works. We offer a coating even as thick as 80 µm and with up to 50 year warranty. Technological development in this field allowed for achieving such results. This achievement provides long-term UV-rays and humidity resistance of the material which guarantees perfect condition for a long time.

A large selection of models is complemented by a wide variety of colours. It allows to match the building to its elevation and surroundings. We offer not only the standard RAL colors but also a new and highly attractive matt structure.

Elegant and timeless

Experience and practice are a good combination

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A roof covered with perfection

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