Modular metal roofing tiles

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The MODERNO modular metal roofing tile by HANBUD is an innovative product that is gaining more and more customers. There are several reasons for that: the product is available immediately and easy to transport, its installation is fast and very simple, there are no visible seams after installation, and it allows to save money, because with this method there is very little waste.

This unique solution with complete, high-quality components readily available for purchase and very quick in installation enables quick construction of a new roof. HANBUD applies the best coatings which are covered with a guarantee of up to 50 years for the production of this model.

The design of the Moderno modular metal roofing tile suits traditional and modern architectural styles and makes the roof aesthetic by perfectly imitating ceramic tiles.

Modular roof tile, an innovative product and an increasingly widely used solution for covering roofs. It has many advantages as well as more and more fans.

  • You can buy the required amount of material immediately, because the product is not manufactured to meet size requirements of specific roofs, but is prepared in appropriately sized, identical sheets.
  • Easy transport that does not require special equipment for loading and unloading, because steel roof tiles are packed onto EURO-type pallets. It will even fit into a smaller delivery truck, and a few missing sheets can be transported in a passenger car.
  • Installation is quick and extremely efficient as the sheets are small and, therefore, lightweight. Only two people are needed for installation of such a roof.
  • It is an economical product since there is not much waste left after the work is done.

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