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Dom pokryty blachodachówką Moderno

A stylish single-family house with Moderno modular metal roof tiles

This one-storey single-family house with an interesting shape has a roof covered with Moderno modular tiles. Thanks to those tiles, the building has an interesting, distinctive look. The contrast of the dark roofing material with the light façade gives it a unique style. The use of sheets of modular roof tiles reduced material losses.

A guesthouse with Malta metal roof tiles

Metal roof tiles are often chosen for many buildings, not only single-family houses. This project involved a guesthouse built on the outskirts of the city. The owner deliberately chose the striking red colour of the Malta tile. The roofing contrasts perfectly with the greenery around the building.

A modern single-family house with Malta metal roof tiles

The Malta tile was used to cover the roof of this single-family building. The multi-slope roof emphasises the modern shape of the house and gives the whole building an interesting and distinctive look. The dark colour of the metal roof tiles creates a sharp contrast with the light façade. This makes the entire building look eye-catching and interesting.

Terraced houses with seam roof panels

In this row of terraced buildings, the roofing is made of seam roof panels. The architects were guided by the idea of creating buildings with modern shape adapted to the surroundings. The colours of the façade and the roofing are similar, which gives the whole building a uniform appearance.

An elegant single-family house with Malta metal tiles

The Malta metal roof tile used in this elegant single-family house emphasises the modern shape of the building. The dark colour of the roofing perfectly matches the window frames, giving the building an elegant look.

The roof is made of T-18E troughed sheet

Troughed sheet is a perfect choice for simple roofs of single-family houses. In this case, the T-18E model was used. Due to its low price and high durability, it is often used not only in residential buildings, but also in carports, garages, and farm buildings.