About the company Hanbud

Over 25 years of activity
200 employees
3,000 points of sale across Europe

About us

Since its foundation, HANBUD  company helps with building the dreams about your own home.

Initially as a distributor of construction materials, and for 14 years as a manufacturer of the Moderno modular metal roofing tiles, Malta and Vena metal roofing tiles, as well as box profile metal sheet T3, T7, T8, T18 N, E T18, T35, T55. Since then we have become a leading manufacturer of steel products in Podlasie, gradually expanding our product range and introducing new technological lines for the production of metal roofing tiles, standing seam roof panels and box profile metal sheets.

Currently, our offer includes Industrial and residential fences, structural profiles and profiles for drywall construction. What is more, our company manufactures metal rails ( Standard, Emka, Estetic, Sigma, Astra and Vigo) and modern louvered fences, as an alternative to traditional wooden fence rails. Our constantly growing experience allows us to offer innovations such as the T14R and T35R box profile sheets from the Revolution line.

Due to the commitment of all employees and the trust that customers place in us we are able to pursue our private and business-oriented goals. What pleases us most is the fact that the company is growing and provides employment to more and more people. What reflects of our efforts is the victory in the “Golden Hundred Enterprises” ranking in the Promotion of the Year category, and being awarded the Forbes Diamond.

Currently Hanbud employs 200 workers and is one of the largest employers in the Podlaskie voivodeship. The company has over 100 distribution points across the country.

Roofing materials, fences and profiles manufactured by Hanbud are also sold in Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.


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Here you will find the roofing, metal panels, billboards, and profiles for plasterboards available in the Hanbud product range.  All files are available in PDF version. Download the files and take a look.

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Our installation manuals help users to install roofing and fences on their own. All documents have been written in plain language and illustrated with clear diagrams.