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Sigma metal panel fence

Sigma metal panels were used in this fence. The structure is made of concrete posts finished with natural stone. The carefully selected colours make the entire fence look uniform and interesting. The used materials make the fence extremely robust and durable. Both the metal panels and posts are covered with natural stone and do not require regular maintenance.

An elegant fence made of metal panels and gabions

In this fence, metal panels are one of the elements of a carefully planned structure. The main part of the fence is made up of decorative gabions, which have been placed on a solid foundation finished with natural stone. This not only gives the fence an interesting appearance, but is also an excellent way to ensure privacy for the owners of the property.

Louvre fences

Louvre fences are an exceptionally elegant solution, often chosen due to its high aesthetic appeal. In this case, the dark colour of the louvres contrasts with the red posts. The louvre fence is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also perfectly protects the privacy of the property owner and prevents unauthorised access.

A classic fence made of metal panels

A simple fence with metal sections and panels is a perfect choice for simple buildings that do not require any additional decorative elements. Note the method of installation. The panels are screwed on both sides for increased privacy of the property users.

A metal panel fence with decorative steel elements

As you can see, metal panels work very well with elegant fences. In this case, the fence has been decorated with elegant metal elements that emphasise the character of the property.

Ogrodzenie ze sztachet metalowych

Double-sided metal panel fence

This project shows how you can combine different materials used to manufacture fences in an interesting and elegant way. As you can see in the pictures, the gate is made of metal, clinker bricks are used in posts, and the panel colour was selected to perfectly complement the whole structure. Double-sided installation of metal panels provides a high level of privacy.

A property with a metal panel fence

Metal panels are a perfect choice for large-area fences as there is no need for regular painting and maintenance, which significantly reduces the investment costs. Choose the right colour of the panels to match the buildings and the surroundings and make a durable and aesthetically pleasing fence at a low cost.

Płot ze sztachet metalowych
Ogrodzenie ze sztachet metalowych

A fence made of metal panels mounted on both sides in a wood-like colour

The property located in a picturesque area, at the edge of a forest, has been fenced with wood-like Sigma metal panels. The double-sided horizontal installation of the panels allowed to obtain excellent protection against dust and other contaminants from the street.

Brown louvre fence

The owner used a louvre fence on their property, directly in contact with the road of the housing estate, to reduce pollution coming from the street and provide privacy to the household. The brown colour of the fence in combination with the colour-matched solid posts create a uniform whole when it comes to the colours.

Płot ze sztachet metalowych
Ogrodzenie ze sztachet metalowych

Polo metal panels installed on both sides

Metal panels are often installed on both sides. This enables the elimination of dust and other contaminants that can get in from the street. The double-sided installation also helps increase the privacy of the property’s users, protecting it from the eyes of passers-by. It is worth emphasising the modern design of the Polo model.

Louvre fence with gabions

The combination of the Hanbud louvre fence with gabions has given the property an extremely elegant and timeless look. The louvres contribute to a significant reduction of the noise coming from the street. They also significantly reduce the ingress of dirt (e.g. dust) into the property.

Płot ze sztachet metalowych