Standing seam roof panels

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Panel with standing seam has been known for many years. It can be used in both classic and sacral buildings, buildings under preservative protection as well as in modern architecture.
It can be laid both veritcally, horizontally and used to cover roof or elevation. Thanks to that solution it is easy to optimise the cost of the realisation. The roof panel with standing seam is light and requires light roof construction. It is tailored and very easy to assembly beacause it has a specially constructed click mechanism and assembly holes which make the assembly easier.

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Thanks to its structure, which consists of special ribs and seams, it additionally stiffens the roof. It is an excellent solution for slightly inclined roofs.

Roof panels are cut to individual size specifications, they are extremely easy in installation as they have a specially constructed latch lock and assembly holes that facilitate attachment to the roof structure. For production is most often used coated sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm – 0.7 mm.

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