Modular or cut-to-size steel roofing tile – which to choose?

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Steel roofing tile is an extremely popular roofing material. Due to its high resistance to weather conditions, modern look and the high availability of patterns and colors, this material is one of the most popular roofing materials. Steel roofing tiles are used not only in single-family buildings, but also in multi-family housing and industrial facilities.

Customers can choose from two forms of this roofing – in ready-made sheets (modular) and metal roofing tiles cut to size.

In this article, we will explain why a product is sold in two different forms and what the differences between them are. We will also explain what factors should be taken into account by customers in order to make the right choice of steel roofing tiles.

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Modular steel roofing tile

Modular steel roofing tiles are sold in sheets with dimensions specified by the manufacturer. Most often, surface of one sheet does not exceed 1 square meter. Thus, the greatest advantages of steel roofing tiles sold in modules include the ease of transport and storage of the material.

It is worth remembering that the use of modular roof tiles significantly reduces the amount of waste generated. The customer can easily calculate the amount of material needed to cover the roof. It is enough to add a 5% margin to the roof surface.

Most of the points of sale have modular steel roof tiles in stock. Therefore, customers can buy required quantity immediately, which significantly reduces the time needed for renovation. Thanks to the constant size of the sheets, some points of sale also allow for return of unused material.

Modular steel roofing tiles will be the right choice for multi-pitched roofs with a large number of slopings and bends. The size of sheets allows for easy cutting of the material and reduces the amount of waste generated.

The “module” sheets are delivered to customers wrapped on a pallet. Transport and unloading are, therefore, easy to handle, and the risk of material damage is minimized.

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Steel roofing tile cut to size

The title of this section already suggests that the steel roofing tile in this form is cut to size. The sheets have a fixed width, which, depending on the model, is 1100 mm – 1180 mm. In turn, the length is individually adjusted to dimensions of a given roof. We advise you to entrust this task to a professional, as appropriate selection of the sheet length will definitely facilitate subsequent assembly works and will reduce the amount of waste generated. Hanbud produces steel roofing tiles with a sheet length of up to 6 meters.

Cut-to-size steel roof tiles are adjusted to specific orders of customers. Therefore, people planning to cover the roof should take into account the additional time for preparation of the material. It usually takes no more than a few business days.

We recommend choosing cut-to-size metal roofing tiles for single or double-pitched roofs with large surfaces and without dormers. Then, your roofing team, having larger sheets, will be able to make the roofing faster.

It is worth remembering that the cut-to-size metal roofing tiles are delivered to customers in the form of long sheets that require special care during transport and unloading. Therefore, we advise you to read the transport and storage instructions, which are available on our website (link here). You will also need a sufficient number of workers for this task.


As you can see, shape of roof is one of the most important factors influencing the choice of steel roof tile type. Manufacturers, wanting to make this popular product even more flexible, decided to use two forms of sale. Steel roofing tiles will be a good solution for large, simple roofs. However, owners of such buildings are recommend to contact their contractor in advance, who will help with choosing correct length of sheets and correctly calculate required quantity. For customers who have a multi-pitched roof with many bends, we recommend purchasing modular steel roof tiles. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste and facilitate installation by roofers.

We remind you that Hanbud offers the same patterns, colors and coatings of steel roof tiles in the form of modules and cut-to-size sheets. This is important information because some people make their choice solely on the basis of visual qualities of a given product, ignoring the extremely important aspect of practicality.

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