Guarantee for roofing- truths and myths

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Guarantee is – next to warranty – the basis for submitting a complaint. It is a voluntary declaration regarding the quality of the goods made by the entrepreneur, i.e. the guarantor.

It indicates the obligations of the guarantor and the rights of the consumer in the event that the sold goods do not have the properties specified in the guarantee statement. That’s the theory.

When choosing a roofing material, many people take the length of the guarantee period as the main selection criterion. One is probably tempted by advertising – e.g. 50-year GUARANTEE. But what does that mean? Are we really secure for all these years?

Who actually reads the guarantee form before making a purchase? I think it can be assumed that this is the case perhaps with a few percent of buyers, and it is in this form that the Guarantor specifies the terms on which the guarantee is given, what it covers and what the obligations of the seller and the buyer are.

Let’s focus for a moment on some of the buyer’s obligations that may appear in the guarantee card:

– proper storage – not too long from the date of purchase,

– correct assembly – it may happen that only materials from the manufacturer’s catalog must be used, otherwise we lose the guarantee,

– guarantee inspections – at strictly specified dates,

– sending the product back, within a strictly specified period, a correctly completed guarantee, often with the signature and stamp of a roofing company, so Mr. X, who comes from a family of roofers, but does not have a registered company, cannot make a roof for us. At least with a valid guarantee.

And of course, printing the guarantee – usually duplicates are not issued so it’s best to put it in a frame. The creativity of people behind the guarantees seems unlimited.

Let’s go back to the tempting 50-year guarantee period. Without indicating specific manufacturers, we can usually simplify here, as with cars, a guarantee for paint and perforations.

The guarantee for coating is usually short and lasts 5-10 years, for perforations it can be even half a century-long. It’s just that the buyer’s participation can amount, with long guarantee periods, up to 80% of the repair or roofing replacement costs.

So, let’s ask the seller and read the guarantee conditions before buying. Is it worth overpaying a dozen or several dozen percent for a long guarantee? This will save us from disappointment, losing nerves and paying unnecessary costs.

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