Why should you choose the Hanbud metal panels?

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Metal panels are an interesting and innovative product that has a number of advantages. This is why in recent years they have been more and more often used in the construction of fences. In this article, we will explain why anyone planning to build or renovate a fence, even those die-hard supporters of wooden structures, should consider using them.

High durability

Hanbud uses high-quality galvanised steel with a double-side polyester coating to manufacture metal panels. This material is much more resistant to weather than wooden panels, including resistance to the effects of humidity, UV radiation, and large temperature differences. Thanks to the thorough material protection, metal panels do not require annual maintenance. You can enjoy the unchanging appearance of the fence for many years.

The colour of the panels does not fade. Therefore, unlike wooden rails, they do not need to be painted regularly. You can spend the saved time in more pleasant ways.


A wide range of patterns and colours

The aesthetic properties of the fence play a key role for many users. We are well aware of this, which is why the Hanbud metal panel range includes six models that come in different shapes and widths: Astra, Standard, Emka, Estetic, Sigma, Polo. Each of them comes in the heights from 15 cm to as much as 300 cm. Our customers can order any size of panel from this range. However, remember that for panels longer than 200 cm, it is necessary to install additional rails. Each model comes in several colours. In addition, the panels can have either a gloss or matt finish. Thanks to such a wide range of possibilities, anyone interested in purchasing the products will be able to match them to the colour of the building and its surroundings.

A wide range of installation options

Metal panels are a remarkably versatile product. They can be installed vertically, horizontally, and on both sides of the fence. You can decide how many panels per section you need and what their spacing should be.

Panels can be installed on both sides of the fence, which means that you can also minimise the clearance between individual panels to ensure privacy wherever you need it, without sacrificing the functionality or aesthetic appearance of the fence.

Easy installation

A large part of the fencing budget is spent on labour. Nowadays, the costs of labour are quite high, so many people are looking for alternative solutions. Metal panels are one such solution. Easy installation is one of their major advantages. Using the basic tools, i.e. a spirit level, a meter, a screwdriver, and a hammer, you can make the entire fence by yourself. To make this task even easier, we have prepared helpful instructional videos. The vertical installation of panels is shown here and the horizontal installation here.

Complete assembly system available

Everyone probably knows that a fence is not made exclusively of panels. That is why Hanbud offers a complete assembly system, which also includes rails, posts, connectors, and screws. With this system, you won’t have to spend time selecting individual components and looking for them in various stores.


Online fence configurator

Most of you enjoy the various benefits of the Internet, which saves your precious time. That is why we have created an online fence configurator available at Hanbud-ogrodzenia.pl (link here). With this tool, anyone interested in buying a fence can get an approximate cost calculation without even leaving their home.


As you can see, metal panels have a number of advantages. Thanks to the wide range of colours and the several models available, you can easily find a model that will meet your needs. High durability and maintenance-free operation mean that the fence will function for many years without any need for the owner’s involvement. Versatility is another important advantage of metal panels. The product can be used for both modern and traditional fences. Because of the easy installation, customers who want to save money should also be interested in metal panels. Two people should easily cope with this task, with the use of basic tools. If you have not done this type of work before, we recommend watching our instructional videos before installing the fence. With the information provided in the videos, you will make quick and efficient work of installation.

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