Steel roofing tile or ceramic-steel roofing tile?

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Many clients face many difficult decisions when building the house of their dreams. One of them is choosing the right roofing material that suits their needs and wallet. These are important, but not the only criteria that clients follow when making decisions.

Fortunately, we live in good times, because on the market there are plenty of manufacturers and products to choose from. However, it is worth to put your trust in a development company whose market position is strong and the status of its business has not changed over the years.

Weight of steel roof tiles and ceramic tiles

Let’s go back to the comparison of both materials. Both steel roof tiles and ceramic tiles have their advantages and disadvantages. The former type is classified as lightweight. One m2 of roofing tiles weighs less than 5 kg. For comparison, the weight of roof tiles can reach up to 45 kg/m2. Now let’s multiply these values by +/- 200 m2 of our roof. As one can easily guess, the roof truss adapted to covering the building with metal sheet, is less complicated and lighter, which in the end translates into its value. Labor costs will also be relatively lower.

The world is moving forward. So is the technology of production of metal roofings. More and more often, one can find on the market steel roof tiles, the quality and durability of which are not inferior to those of ceramic tiles. Roofing manufacturers are doing their best to adjust shapes of their products to make them imitate ceramic tiles as much as possible. Many of us would sometimes have a problem with distinguishing the type of roofing from a distance.

Roof acoustic qualities

Another aspect that should be addressed when evaluating the above products is the question of acoustic qualities of roof. For some it is important, while to others it is only a side effect that they do not attach importance to. In this duel, the winner is, obviously ceramic tile.  Due to the material it is made of and due to its thickness (about 1 cm), it suppresses sounds better. Of course, a soundproofing and damping mat can be glued to metal roofing tiles, but this will only unnecessarily increase the product value and make the roofing less attractive in terms of price.

To sum up, when choosing appropriate roofing, you should answer the question of which criterion is the most important for you. Appearance, economy, quality, acoustics, or maybe the price? It would be best to combine all these features in one product.

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