Selection of appropriate trapezoidal sheet

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Trapezoidal sheet is a product with a very wide range of applications. Due to its versatility, it is used in industrial facilities, for covering of residential buildings, for all kinds of facades or simple farmhouse roofs.

Although simplicity and versatility are its basic advantages, we must remember that the choice of appropriate trapezoidal sheet is very important. First, we need to define what we want to use it for. For roof or facade? The right choice of profile guarantees safety and appropriate aesthetics of the investment for which we will use the popular “trapezoids”.

There are many models of trapezoidal sheets on the market and their manufacturers outdo each other in improving this product. One of the most innovative solutions is our new metal sheet from the Revolution line, under the trade name T-14R. Its uniqueness is ensured by additional micro-embossing along the upper pressings, which gives this profile additional stiffness and distinguishes its aesthetics from the competition. This sheet is available in the profile for roofs and facades. It is produced in all raw materials available in our offer, and the guarantees for this product reach up to 30 years. As an interesting fact, it is worth adding that its design is patented in the patent office of the Republic of Poland.

Trapezoidal sheet is a very durable roofing material

It is characterized by exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures and unfavorable weather conditions. Thanks to the possibility of producing it from raw material of greater thickness, it is resistant to intense hail, storms, various mechanical damages and carries greater loads. It is also worth emphasizing that this type of cover does not soak up water.

Easy installation of trapezoidal sheet

A big advantage of trapezoidal sheet is also the ease of installation, associated with lower labor costs. Practice shows that roofings made of trapezoidal sheets are often made by investors themselves, which translates into additional savings for the household budget. Let’s remember that trapezoidal sheet is one of the cheapest roof coverings that can be used for roofs of single-family houses and roofs of various types of halls and farmhouse buildings.

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