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Roofs were covered with metal sheets in the past. Roofers sealed and made the roofs rigid by overlaying and folding the edges of sheets forming the so-called seams. Standing seam roof panels are a modern solution that provide a similar effect.

Minimalism is a trend also applied in the construction industry, therefore architects often choose traditional solutions. This is where flat metal sheet roofing takes the lead. The standing seam roof panel found use in classic construction, religious buildings, buildings under preservation maintenance, as well as in modern architecture. It can be used to cover a roof or a façade.

With this solution it is easy to optimize the costs of construction, because the standing seam panel is light and requires a lightweight roof structure.

HANBUD standing seam roof panels

Due to its design, which features special ribs and seams, it additionally stiffens the roof. It is a perfect solution for roofs with a slight slope.

Roofing panels are manufactured to size and are very easy in installation, because they feature a specially designed snap lock and mounting holes, which facilitate their installation on the roof structure. Coated steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm – 0.7 mm is most commonly used for the production.

Hanbud roof panels are manufactured in two sizes:

PH 310 panel
Profile height – 25 mm
Feedstock width – 420 mm
Usable width – 310 mm
Maximum recommended sheet length – 6000 mm
Minimum sheet length- 600 mm

PH 510 panel
Profile height – 25 mm
Feedstock width – 620 mm
Usable width – 510 mm
Maximum recommended sheet length – 6000 mm
Minimum sheet length – 600 mm

Panel dachowy na rąbek

Up to 30 years guarantee!

The special “Hard” formula of coating provides the highest quality of UV protection (in accordance with the RUV4 classification). It also provides maximum flexibility and plasticity. This coating, which meets the requirements of the EN 10169 standard, is one of coatings highly resistant to corrosion, and due to the unique structure of the coating, it is highly aesthetic. The applied polyester coating system does not contain heavy metals or hexavalent chromium. The coating features a durable, metallic base coat, which protects the areas of cuts, and excellent granularity guarantees excellent surface hardness. The durability of the material facilitates its storage and processing, and provides long-term colour stability and fastness.

Our customers can chose the following coatings from our offer: matt, gloss, and traditional galvanized and aluzinc metal sheet.

This type of roofing material is most often available in graphite (RAL 7016, RAL 7024) and silver shades (RAL 9007, RAL 9006).

A standing seam roof panel by Hanbud is elegant and durable, and has a timeless design.

This type of roofing is one of the most challenging in installation. This is why it is important to hire a recommended and experienced roofer as a contractor.

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