How to easily replace roof covering at a low cost?

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A large number of people looking for roofing already own a house that requires renovation after years of use. People who have bought a second-hand house or inherited a flat, e.g. from their grandmother, are in a similar situation. Often the main criterion for choosing a roofing material is its low price and simplicity of installation, which will allow you to cover the roof yourself, without employing a roofing team.

The vast majority of those familiar with the industry, when asked which roofing material meets the criteria set out above, i.e. low cost, easy installation, will point to trapezoidal sheet without hesitation. Our opinion is similar. That is why in this article we will describe this material and indicate for which roof structures trapezoidal sheet works best.  It is also worth explaining what factors and features of this material make it so popular.

Trapezoidal sheet price

The most important factor influencing the popularity of the trapezoidal sheet is undoubtedly the low price of the material, starting from PLN 20/m2. If you decide to buy second-class metal sheet or you find a product on sale, its cost may be even lower. It is worth remembering that some sellers offer the possibility of price negotiation when buying more sheets. Due to the wide range of applications, trapezoidal metal sheet can also cover garages or carports, thanks to which your property will have a more consistent look.

Weather resistance

The relatively low price is not the only advantage of this roofing material. Trapezoidal sheet has a very good resistance to weather conditions – UV radiation and high temperature. This is of great importance because the roofing should fulfill its role properly for many years.

A wide range of color variants

A large selection of color variants of trapezoidal sheets makes it easy to find the right color of the material. Thanks to this, it is possible to match the color of the roofing to the entire building. Properly selected color will also prevent your house from standing out among neighboring buildings.

Variable profile height

Some of you are probably wondering what the symbols included in the name of these sheets mean. They determine profile height. Due to different heights of profile, individual models of trapezoidal sheet can be used for buildings with different applications and surfaces. For single-family houses, we recommend the medium sheet metal profile, that is: T14 and T18.

Effective corrosion protection

The main feature of the material used for roofing is resistance to corrosion. Most manufacturers are aware of the importance of proper rust protection. However, before buying it is worth checking carefully what anti-corrosion coating the manufacturer has applied. In this respect, galvanized sheets are the ones protected best.

Various sheet sizes

Trapezoidal sheet is used on roofs with various usable areas. That is why manufacturers offer sheets of various lengths and widths that can be tailored to customers’ needs. Hanbud offers models with width from 500 mm to 1510 mm. Length of the sheets varies from 450 mm up to several meters. As you can see, the range of sizes is large, which makes trapezoidal sheet suitable for covering both small single-family houses and large industrial halls.

Low weight of trapezoidal sheet

Weight of the roof covering should be adapted to bearing capacity of roof truss. In older buildings, the roof structure often prevents users from using heavy coverings, such as cement or ceramic tiles. Inhabitants of such buildings who want to avoid replacing the roof truss, must choose lightweight roof coverings. Trapezoidal sheet is one of the lightest materials. Its weight, depending on the model, ranges from 5 to 7 kg/m2.

Angle of roof slope

Trapezoidal sheets can be used to cover relatively flat roofs. For this material, the minimum roof slope angle is 7°. It is, therefore, a universal coating. Steel roofing tiles can be used when the slope angle exceeds 12°.

Installation of trapezoidal sheet

For people who want to save some money, the ease of installation is very important. Trapezoidal sheet does not require great roofing skills, however, you should know a few basic rules so as not to make mistakes that may result in a lack of tightness and loss of guarantee protection in the future.

First of all, it is important to know that trapezoidal sheet must be a completely airtight covering. Thus, individual sheets are arranged to form an overlap of at least 15 cm. Roofing screws with a self-drilling tip and a gasket ensuring permanent adhesion of the sheet, are the only ones used for screwing the material. It is not allowed to use other types of screws. When cutting metal sheet, one should not use friction tools that generate heat. We recommend using manual or electric scissors. It is worth remembering not to cut the metal sheet while already on the roof. In such case filings can cause external corrosion centers. You can find the complete assembly instructions for trapezoidal sheet prepared by Hanbud by clicking here.


As you can see, trapezoidal sheet has several key advantages that have already been appreciated by many users. Hence the great popularity of this material, which is suitable for covering not only single-family houses, but also carports, garages, and even large industrial halls. It is worth remembering that the durability of trapezoidal sheet is largely influenced by the correct method of transport and storage. We described these activities in one of our articles (link here). On the other hand, we have explained the assembly process of trapezoidal sheet in a separate manual (link here). Thanks to these materials, you will be able to enjoy new roofing material for many years. If you are not sure which type of sheet to choose, please contact the customer service department at Hanbud sp. z o.o. Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right type for your roofing and provide advice in this regard.

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